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Public charter school opponents have slung serious accusations against the disciplinary methods used by these in-demand educational options. But new research could put a stop to these rumors once and for all. 


The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) released a study that reveals the truth behind public charter schools and student suspensions. 



In Lawrence, Massachusetts, the local public schools developed a track record of unfortunatechronic under performance. In fact, in the 90’s, the high school even lost its accreditation.


Rates of poverty, teen pregnancy, illegal drug use, and gang violence were among the highest in the state, and the high school graduation rate was a mere 52%. 


As a result, parents started looking for other options that would give their children a better start in life because they didn’t want to wait for their district schools to start working. So in 1993, the Massachusetts Education Reform Act set the wheels in motion that would forever change the course of education in Lawrence.


That’s where Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy comes in…



With the growth of public charter schools on the rise over the past two plus decades, the idea of students and teachers breaking from traditional public school constraints has become a reality. 


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