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Monday, 21 January 2019 21:32

Schools ‘that fit’ Week

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It wouldn’t be hard to look at the 2019 calendar, see that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day falls during National School Choice Week, and incorporate beautifully accurate and still timely quotes to suggest that his message of civil rights included educational rights – specifically school choice rights. I get it. That’s exactly what I set out to do. Many of us truly believe the educational advantages of the wealthy, the privileged, top 10%, whatever you want to call them, should be available to everyone when it comes to parental choice. Many home buyers select homes based on their ‘good’ school districts. Some make the financial decision, even the financial sacrifice, to send children to private schools. What about that magnet school your son or daughter is qualified to attend? Aren’t you going to apply and take advantage of that public school option? And don’t forget the tutors we might seek out to give our children every advantage when it comes to their education. These are decisions many of us weigh.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 17:42

Planning for NCSC 2018

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 Post by Rena Youngblood, AAE's Director of Charter School Services


This week I have a few important decisions to make before boarding my flight to Austin, Texas, to attend the 2018 National Charter Schools Conference. Things like whether I should squeeze a sweater into the corner of my suitcase just in case the convention hall temperature is set to freezing which happens all too often. More importantly, however, I have to scan over 100 sessions being presented by experts across the country and decide on which ones to attend. All of this in between meeting friends I haven’t seen since last year’s conference, hearing keynote speakers that always motivate me to stay in gear for the next 12 months, and scheduling time with AAE members, charter association staff from partner states, and meeting new colleagues who share the same mission for equitable educational options for all students.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 19:28

Recap of the 2018 GCSA Conference

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It was wonderful meeting many of you at the 2018 Georgia Charter School Association Conference! The annual conference brought together many currently engaged in Georgia’s charter schools and provided opportunities for networking, learning, and engagement between charter school leaders, teachers, board members, advocates, and community stakeholders.

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