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The Association of American Educators is pleased to be partnered with several networks of charter schools across the country. While union bosses resist change and new opportunities for teachers, AAE sees opportunity to serve teachers free from stifling union contracts and bureaucracy.

AAE is in support of any legislation that paves the way for new and innovative learning environments, including charters and virtual schools. Further, we support fully funded charter schools, lifting caps on charter schools and the expansion of virtual and blended education.

The public policy agenda of AAE reflects the priorities, current issues, and concerns of our member educators. AAE actively advocates for the promotion and access of public charter schools, academic achievement, and increased accountability.

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Policy Positions Specific to Charter Schools


Charter School Unionization

The issue of compulsory unionism is at the heart of why AAE was founded. AAE is adamantly against any policy where teachers are forced to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment, also known as compulsory unionism or forced unionism.

Teacher unions are rampantly attempting to unionize charter schools. That's why AAE works tirelessly to inform charter teachers of their rights. Charter schools were not meant to operate under stifling union contracts and teachers should be presented with options before turning to a union model. AAE believes that teachers, as college-educated professionals, should be able to decide whether union membership matches his or her budget and beliefs.


School Choice

School choice is a vital component of the education reform movement. We know that students learn differently, so a one-size-fits-all learning environment is mostly counterproductive. Parents must have the choice of where to educate their individual child. And as educators we must recognize the possibilities for advancement and positive growth in the profession through school choice.

AAE recognizes that not all of our members agree with all school choice options. Our surveys indicate, however, that our members agree that the status quo is not working and changes must be made for the sake of our children. While AAE is happy to advocate for choice for teachers, our membership has not embraced certain choice policies, including vouchers or tax credits. What we do support are the possibilities for education with school choice options in play.

Once limited to rigid traditional school-terms and schedules, teachers are employed in traditional public schools, charters, private schools, religious schools, and online schools just to name a few. Educators will in turn have choices themselves when deciding when, where and how to teach kids. AAE supports any policy that gives teachers new and rewarding career opportunities.