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Are you interested in starting a public charter school or improving your infrastructure? Check out these resources for proper board governance.

Charters Schools: Creating Effective Governing Boards
This concise handbook includes information on identifying board members, orienting and training board members, making effective decision, strategic planning and thinking, and carrying out legal and financial responsibilities, among other helpful resources.

Supporting New Charter School Development Playbook
This how-to guide, produced by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, gives instructions for the start-up and replication of quality charter schools. This playbook is intended to guide leaders through the important process of cultivating quality charter leaders and nurturing applications from conception of the school mission through sustainable operation.

Charter School Governing Boarding Training Handbook
This handbook includes essential information for establishing a charter school board. Chapters include “Board Structure and Responsibilities,” “Holding Productive Board Meetings,” “Engaging in Strategic Planning,” and a variety of resources concerning financial planning and training leaders.

Board Member Application

Created by the Center for Charter Schools, this document provides a prototype for board member applications.

Evaluating the Capacity of Charter School Founding Boards

“Boards that get it right from the outset are likely to deliver on the academic promises outlined in their charters.” This National Association of Charter School Authorizers issue brief identifies key characteristics of effective founding charter school boards and provides guidelines to evaluate their capacity. It looks at three critical areas for founding boards: preparation, capacity and composition, structure, and clarity.

Governance Best Practices for Highly Effective Charter School Boards
This toolkit from Charter Board Partners provides a nearly comprehensive compilation of best practices to create and sustain a highly effective charter school board.  Topics covered include roles and responsibilities, running effective meetings, committee structure, and other practices that align with standards for highly effective boards.

Sample Individual Trustee Appraisal
This sample individual trustee appraisal is provided by the High Bar, a charter school board governance consulting firm. The self-appraisal asks individuals to rate their own expectations and performance as a member of a charter school board. Reflective questions are provided at the end of the self-appraisal.

Job Descriptions for Officers
These sample job descriptions for officers are provided by the High Bar, a charter school board governance consulting firm. Samples are available for board chair, vice chair, treasurer, and secretary positions.

Developing Training Programs for Charter School Governing Board Members
Through examination of innovative practices in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Minnesota, this guide outlines essential elements in the development of a strong charter school governing board.