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“I joined AAE because I believe in their member-driven and reform-minded philosophy. I was thrilled to find an organization that supported me as a charter school educator. I can finally be a voice for the charter school movement through my association!”

— Rhonda Lochiatto, charter school educator from Florida

“I'd most definitely recommend AAE to fellow teachers because it is an organization looks out for our interests rather than tellsus what we should and shouldn't want.”

—Bret Clifton, charter school educator from Idaho

“I believe in having a choice in how I protect my career. I joined AAE because of liability protection, but also because it is a true professional organization bringing many different views to the multitude of issues that confront educators. I like that I am not told what to think, but I am asked what I think. I appreciate that AAE does not take positions on issues unless their membership votes pro or con by a super majority. This makes AAE more about quality in teaching and what is best for children than about politics."

—Colleen Thomson, charter school educator from Washington

“I joined AAE to be a member of a professional organization that is interested in improving the educational process rather than negotiating contracts and promoting objectionable politics and programs. I also joined for liability insurance and legal help if ever needed. It’s a wise move to protect oneself, especially if ever falsely accused in today’s sue-happy world.”

—Sheila Wayman, charter school educator from Indiana

Praise for AAE Legal Services

"I can't thank you enough for all your help! It is so good to have someone outside of the 'inner circle' to give input and advice. I so appreciate your promptness and your professionalism."

—AAE member from Idaho

"The AAE legal services department was very personable and helped calm my fears. Thanks for your help, AAE!"

—AAE member from Dawsonville, Georgia

"Just being able to talk to someone who clearly stated my rights and suggested actions that would protect me was so reassuring and encouraging."

—AAE member from South Bend, Indiana

"Being able to talk with AAE staff during this difficult time was so comforting. Thank you again for supporting me. I am SO GLAD I joined AAE!"

—AAE member

Attention AAE Members
Let us know why you joined AAE and what AAE membership means for you and your students—email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.